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Mearachdan - Gaelic Writing Skills / Sgilean sgrìobhaidh / 4 week challenge

The new course is currently being piloted by 18 students over the coming weeks.

The self-study course will be offered again in the future as a program with group & tutor support and a weekly Zoom call to help each other. It is still available as an independent study program all year round.

We are going to run this program again, starting 15/04/24.

Do you want to get rid of the silly little errors you keep making? Are you fed up losing marks in assessments? We will help you level up your writing skills as well as your listening skills.

This course consists of

1. the workbook with short sentences to correct (answers given at the back) (buy in our book shop)

2. downloadable soundfiles for dictation / pronunciation practice of these sentences. (about 50 minutes)

3. explanation of the errors you had to correct.

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