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You can find prints below to support your Gaelic immersive experience in your day-to-day activities. We create practical books which cover a variety of learner needs, from notebooks to planners. More projects will be finished throughout 2024, so check in now then to see the latest additions or subscribe to our website for regular updates. Can't find what you are looking for? Get in touch and we may be able to create it for you.

We are keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and this is partially achieved by eliminating our 20 miles round-trips with the car to the post-office to send resources to our students almost entirely. Hence we are using LULU.COM print-on demand services where students can buy their course books and get direct delivery to their home address instead of being sent to the Western Isles first. 

Leabhraichean Gàidhlig

Leabhar-latha Miosal.jpg
Leabhar-latha Seachdaineach.jpg

Leabhar-Latha Mìosal
Monthly Planner

Leabhar-Latha Seachdaineach
Weekly Planner

Income Expense book.jpg

Teachd a-steach agus Cosgaisean
Income and Expenses Tracker

The book has 12 Gaelic monthly planners and space to make notes at the bottom. They can be used any year and is Gaelic only.

This weekly planner provides for 52 weeks (no specific year) and is Gaelic only.

Track your income and expenses with this monthly tracker. You can make additional notes or calculations to give further explanation to your finances. This is a Gaelic only book and is suitable for all ages.

SGIG notebook.jpg
Amasan Miosal.jpg
Scottish Gaelic Calendar 2024

Leabhar Nòtaichean 
A5 Notebook

Amasan Mìosal
Monthly Goals Planner

2024 Gaelic Calendar
Am Mìosachan

Support our island business by buying one or more of our lined A5 Notebooks. 

Write down your monthly goals and keep track of your achievements every day. At the end of each week, you can review your progress and determine the next steps to take, to achieve your goals. The mind-body-work goal tracker is in Gaelic only and is suitable for all ages.

Only Scottish Gaelic is used for the months and days. Enjoy our Hebridean Gaelic Lifestyle from the comfort of your home! 

We have a selection of calendars available.

Gaelic Crosswords

Gaelic Crosswords



56 Scottish Gaelic Crosswords with Wordbanks for beginner learners.

Learn to become more aware of silly errors which can cost you a good grade. These 262 sentences include mistakes which you need to correct. 

This is the workbook for our online self-study course. It has dictation soundfiles, pronunciation tips, explanation of errors.

Irisean - Magazines

SGIG October.jpg

October - An Dàmhair 2022

Learner Magazine

Front Nollaig.png

Nollaig - Christmas Special Edition 2022


March - Am Màrt 2023
Learner Magazine

Gaelic Magazine June 2023.png

June - An t-Ògmhios 2023

Learner Magazine

September Gaelic Magazine.png

September - An t-Sultain 2023

Learner Magazine

December 23 magazine.png

December - An Dùbhlachd 2023

Learner Magazine

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