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We know what Gaelic learners are going through when trying to master the Scottish Gaelic language by distance learning, as we started our journey 25 years ago without internet, without access to conversation opportunities nor the variety of resources which are available these days. We offer you our experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, to help you achieve your goals easier and faster than ever before and most importantly, focus on your overall Gaelic life experience straight from the Gaelic heartland of the Outer Hebrides. 

I moved to Scotland in 2000 and am now a crofter's wife enjoying the Gaelic lifestyle everyday, through the creation of my own Gaelic school, Publishing Company and Tartan Boutique on the Isle of North Uist, where I help learners worldwide achieve fluency through the medium of Gaelic, English, Dutch, Flemish, French or German when needed, as help is tailored to the individual's needs.

Tha mi a' coimhead air adhart fàilte a thoirt dhuibh!

Ann Desseyn - Nic a' Chùbair

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Iris do luchd-ionnsachaidh
Learner's Magazine

An t-Sultain / September 2023

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At Sgoil Ghàidhlig Innse Gall Ltd, we publish books and other learning resources to support Gaelic learners all over the world. We pride ourselves on the collaboration with for whom we publish many Gaelic student course books and reproduce soundfiles and videos. We are especially thrilled that so many of our projects attract so much interest from Universities as well as Gaelic communities around the globe. With our location and experience, we have the tools necessary to support those who want to learn the Gaelic language and enjoy the Hebridean connection at the same time. We have a wide variety of projects to complete in 2023, so check in with us now and then to see what has been added to support your learning.

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